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Pretzel smetzel January 30, 2008

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We were given the Williams Sonoma’s Kids Baking book for Christmas and after much begging from the girls, I decided to brave the pretzels. I mixed up the dough while they were at school and let it rise. After school, they helped me shape them and then lost interest when I told them they had to sit for 20 minuets. The boiling part, although fussy, went pretty well. Well, they are not pretty, but they did taste great!

Satisfaction rating: 85%- kind of fussy, boiling difficult with little ones, our wrap job made them look more like droppings- 😛

Did the girls like them: Yes!


January 28, 2008

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Let’s start off with a success, ey? I love making felt play food for the girls and these cookies are just at my level. Easy enough to make while I’m sitting about in the evening watching Black Adder and such.

Satisfaction rating: 95%

Do the girls like them? Yes!

Idea from: Any number of people at etsy, but here is one of the best: Nanacompany