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bad cookies, bad cookies! February 4, 2008

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Over the weekend the girls and I made the sugar cookies from the William Sanoma cookbook. Easy, right? Well, baking is tricky, I have found. And for each of my successes I find I have at least one failure. This was a failure. The dough would not stick together. I managed to bake about six cookies- they were decent right out of the oven. But, after an hour, they were hard as a rock.

Here are my guesses as to what went wrong:

  • too much flour
  • butter too cold and didn’t get creamy with sugar
  • too much mixing

I don’t think the oven was too hot nor did we over bake them. Ah, well!

Satisfaction rating: 20% Hate to waste all that butter! Made the chickens happy though.

Did the girls like them? They each ate a couple right out of the oven- so- Yippee!- not a total gutter ball.


2 Responses to “bad cookies, bad cookies!”

  1. momto5 Says:

    I hate when cookies don’t turn out!


  2. Diane Says:

    yes- it sucks- like interrupted sex. 😛

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