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UnPlugged Project: Pipe cleaners February 5, 2008

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I recently bumped into a nice blog called Unplug Your Kids which has weekly activities to do with your kids. Fellow bloggers share their projects and I have decided to join in. 🙂 While we are not tv free, we are happily living without cable and video games. We also limit screen time- there is just so many other cool things to do! My daughters are 7 (M) and 3 (N) and I know we will all enjoy the Unplugged projects!

I only had white pipe cleaners- we also used empty toilet paper rolls, corks and foil. I really just let them follow their own creative path…

On the right is my robot- he is very good at going the dishes and cleaning under the refrigerator. N’s creation is on the left.

M made a boat with corks inside and lots of tape.

N discovered her creation made a nice purse for Hello Kitty.

M hung her other creation and my robot which made a nice mobile.

Fun time!


6 Responses to “UnPlugged Project: Pipe cleaners”

  1. Kate in NJ Says:

    Looks like you all had fun!

  2. Heather Says:

    Great Job. Hope to see you next week.

  3. Diane Says:

    Thanks! We did have fun. 🙂 Happy to join in…

  4. Greenlee's Forest Says:

    A new blog and I’m just now seeing it!! Time for a spanking D….ooops, wait …I’m AP. 🙂

    Cute cute crafts! Wonderful blog! I hope I get some of your good ideas.

  5. Mom Unplugged Says:

    Welcome to the Unplugged Project and thanks so much for joining in!

    I like your girls’ creations. It’s funny that we used corks too! I need one of your useful robots at my house by the way.

    I am sorry to be so late in visiting this week, I usually make the rounds on Monday, but I have had some nasty bug.

    I hope you’ll join us next Monday for magazines. Nice to “meet” you!

  6. Diane Says:

    Greenlee~ LOL! Lucky for me! But, do I need a time out? Can it be in the bath tub?

    Mom Unplugged~ Thank you for the nice welcome and I hope you are feeling well. We’re wine lovers here, so corks are almost always available! See you next week!

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