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Tv Turn Off Week April 28, 2008

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For me, TV Turn Off Week was a success. That said, I should also make it clear that my children watched about the same amount of TV they always do and I did as well. So, how, you may ask, was the TV Turn Off Week a success?

The week prior I spent a lot of time wondering why I wanted to do this. My daughters watch about an hour of tv a day- and honestly I am happy with that amount. I watch maybe an hour of tv in the evening, but there are several nights a week when I do not watch anything. So, why- I wondered, do I feel such a pull to participate. After some time, I realized what I wasn’t happy with was the amount of time I spend online. So, last week was all about me and my internet habits.

I checked my email briefly in the morning and then the computer was turned off for the day. I had two one-hour shifts that required me to be online during the week. Other than that, I was very good about limiting my time. I worked a lot outside- even when the weather was nasty- and it was great to re-connect with our bit of land. The girls and I kept busy and it all went pretty well (especially given that hubby was away all week).

Personally, it was nice to put away some online habits. To be honest, I didn’t miss it much. It feels weird to be sitting her now. So, on that note, back to the real world (which at the current moment is washing dishes and getting ready for visitors)!


One Response to “Tv Turn Off Week”

  1. Mom Unplugged Says:

    Hooray! A success! I am happy to hear that. For us too, it was really all about me and the computer, so I know what you mean. I think it is good to become aware of our computer time, and what we could be accomplishing without so much of it. Thanks so much for joining in!

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