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June Garden- Come for a walk! June 19, 2008

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Surprising pleasure June 10, 2008

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When the sun comes out here- not too often lately- I enjoying hanging the laundry out to dry. Recently I found this darling clothespin holder at a local sewing shop. I love it! It’s especially fun when hanging out my favorite vintage tablecloth! When I was growing up, my Mom had one very similar. I bought two so that I could send one to my friend who also loves to hang clothes out. My 4 year old really wants to wear it! 😀


News from Hawn Creek Hollow June 9, 2008

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As the barn foundation project stretches out into it’s sixth month and the piles of broken concrete continue to grow and multiply, I find myself having rather negative thoughts about our little farm. Thoughts like, “This place is a hole” and “I am surrounded by crap”. It also happened that our neighbors just had to get cable which involved digging a ditch all along the fence line of our western pasture- totally mucking up the place (and all this for the Hallmark channel!) Combine that with both mowers breaking down and the bleeping goat getting into the veggie garden and eating our peas, I’ve been having fantasies about buying a lovely home in town.

But, as I was walking from the woods after feeding the hens and I watched a Gold Finch fly over the Bay Laurel tree and get chased away by a hummingbird, I knew that I could hold on the positives. It’s a beautiful place we live in- it needs a lot of work, but it will get done.

When we moved back to the Pacific Northwest, I had dreams of a 20 acre home. Ha! Three keeps me more than busy.
The goat did not eat the Rainbow Kale, which is so delicious and beautiful right now! The bush beans are growing well. I morn the loss of the peas though. Growing them the last several years has been very special because my daughters love them so much. Very rarely do any peas make it into the house. It’s a beautiful thing to stand in the garden and watch your kids gobble fresh peas like they have never tasted anything finer. Ah well, next year.

Wanted: Pea Rustler- Armed & Dangerous


Let the veggies begin… June 5, 2008

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While we have had our own little veggie patch producing Asian Greens for several weeks, we are happy to have our CSA Growing Wild Farm begin their year! We are very much enjoying their salad greens, Red Russian Kale, Kale Rapini (super yum!), garlic onions, and radishes. Last night, I tried out their recipe for Creamy Vinaigrette. I usually make our salad dressing, but I have never made dressing with eggs. It was very good. And, given that our hennies are laying lots of eggs right now, it’s a good recipe to use.

Creamy Vinaigrette
1 egg plus 1 egg yolk
1 cup olive oil
1/3 cup Apple cider vinegar (I used Rice Wine vinegar)
1 T mustard
1-2 cloves garlic minched
1 t honey or agave nectar
1 t sea salt
pinch of cayenne pepper (I omitted)

I used my Kitchen Aid mixer, but the recipe called to for a blender. Mix all ingredients but the oil in mixer or blender. With mixer/blender running, slowly add oil and mix to emulsify.

Yum! Thanks Andre and Shelia


Welcome June- welcome home!

We are home! The deep growth and green of June surrounds us and almost threatens to grow over us if we sit still too long. But there is no worry about that as birthdays and camps and all kinds of fun things are keeping us moving.

The first bouquet of the month is a sweetheart! Lamb’s Ear, Spanish Lavender, Digitalis/ Foxglove, Siberian Iris, and Bearded Iris. I’m not sure where the Bearded Iris came from as I prefer the more elegant and subdued Siberian Iris- but the big purple hairy tongued flowers have their appeal. Everything about it is sweet and lush- everything that late spring/ early summer is!