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Dragonflies and change August 31, 2008

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Dragonfly on a rock-

absorbed in

a daydream

~ Santoka

So happy about my move to WordPress. It’s pretty here.

Change is in the air in so many ways- I started working part time, the kids are about to go back to school and the air tastes and feels of Autumn. The veggie bounty continues to flow from our CSA, Growing Wild Farms. The first local tomatoes arrived and it is heaven! Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil- what more do you need?

vegtable bounty from Growing Wild Farms

vegtable bounty from Growing Wild Farm

For one thing, a nice cat. Tommie moved in with us- friends found him and he needed a home. He is a real sweetheart- we all love him- well, except our older cat.

For another thing, Dragonflies. August is their month. We have been enjoying these wonderful creatures as they fly around the garden. They- unlike most insects- seem to look at you. One day I was standing in the garden and a reddish dragonfly was flying around me. I put out my hand and it landed on my thumb! Just this past week, I found the most beautiful book on dragonflies at the library. A Dazzle of Dragonflies by Mitchell and Lasswell– it is stunning! The scans of the dragonflies are amazingly detailed and there is information on both the natural and folkloric history of dragonflies.

I’m starting to think about making crafts again, but there is still much to do outside. Stay tuned.


Garden as Sacred Space August 18, 2008

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For me- and many- the garden is a sacred place- a place for meditation and ritual. A church, if you like. I know no better way to connect to the Divine that to work in my garden- or just walk in the garden- opening my senses and connecting with all that it around me.

When I am planning a garden space- and I am planning a new area with terrace beds and a sitting area by the barn- I like to think about a few important things:
*How will the space be used? Alone or with people? In the daytime or the evening?
*How much sun does the space get a day?
*What are the energies of the area? Spend time there and listen with both your ears and your heart.
*What do you want from the plants? Fragrance? Flowers? Shade?

It’s raining and cool here today, so after a cup of coffee, I’m going out to cut down a few trees. Not something I usually do, but I have decided that a few trees need to go so that the veggie garden gets some much needed sun.

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Full summer fun August 7, 2008

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And, so summer spills over us like water rushing over a waterfall. No slowing it down, so we’ll just enjoy the ride! The last several weeks have been full and fun. It’s wonderful ( and a bit stressful) to have guests visit- but the panic does produce some of the best cleaning of the year.

I don’t have any pictures, but the barn has a new foundation!!!! Now, new-to-us windows are being installed and hubby found some metal lockers to use as storage. A mountain of broken concrete foundation has been used to make terraced garden beds and a sitting area. It’s all still in the rough stage, but I can see how it is coming together- very exciting. I am enjoying thinking about this new garden space- dreaming about what we will plant there. Hubby wants some climbing things- roses and wisteria – who knew he was such a romantic?!

Beach trips: it’s been a cool summer, but the girls and I get in as many as we can. To step into the Church of the Crashing Waves and breath in the sea air fills me with such energy!

Drawing a picture of Mama:

Sea Star snuggle at low tide:

The Church of the Crashing Waves at very low tide:

We continue to enjoy the bounty brought to us by our CSA Growing Wild Farm. We have been enjoying delicious green beans, young onions, fantastic beats and more. I love beats with blue cheese! I also made a yummy potato and green bean salad a la Julia. I’ve got to say that I am craving a tomato- a real tomato! Ahhh, tomato and cucumber sandwich……Some day….

The girls and I were greatly amused by this carrot:

Bounty and chaos in the kitchen:

I continue my endeavor to become the Queen of Tarts. It’s yummy work. Here are two recent tarts:

Recently a friend recommended Julia Child’s book My Life in France. I really enjoyed the book- what a wonderful life she and her husband had! I admired the dedication and work that Julia put into Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I had to buy it. I was pretty intimidated at first, but after making a couple recipes (pastry custard in particular) I have a feeling that this book will become a good friend like it has for some many other people. Cheers, Julia!

And, finally, a poppy for you! Joyous Lammas! Gather ye rosebuds will ye may!

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