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Goodbyes October 17, 2008

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Last week I planted garlic with my older daughter. We removed the tomatoe plants and the cosmos and turned the dirt. My daughter carefully set aside all the worms she found and then used the shovel to break up the clumps. We planted the cloves with care and I think about them waiting in the dirt. Next fall we will have many heads of yummy garlic.

My father-in-law died this past week. My older daughter reacted with anger and then let me hold her on my lap like she has not for a very long time. When younger daughter- 4 years old – went about her normal life until she turned and asked me, “Where is Papa? Where did he go after he died?”

Part of me wishes I believed in a heaven and could just smile and say,”He’s happy in heaven, sweetie.”  But, for me heaven is now. I tell them- Papa’s energy has gone back to the Earth- back to the Universe. Does this bring comfort? Well, it’s not as neat and picturesque as a beautiful castle in the sky, but for me and my house, it is honest.

Autumn has brought me too many goodbyes. I can only open my arms and let them go. But, the garlic is planted. The energy is not gone.


3 Responses to “Goodbyes”

  1. greenlee Says:

    Isn’t that the beautiful thing about energy? It shifts and changes and is ever present. It can never be destroyed. I love how our existence is constantly changing for us.

    Much love to you!

  2. Heather Hawkes Says:

    Much love to you and much comfort.


  3. clutterlibrarian Says:

    Greenlee and Heather-

    Thank you both. Truly, I appreciate your reading and leaving such nice notes!!!


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