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Winter Solstice Advent Calendar December 5, 2008

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Getting into the holiday spirit here- decorations are being hung with care, the girls and I made some gingerbread cookies and I had an inspiration about the Winter Solstice advent calendar I’ve been wanting. If you can’t buy something, then I guess I have to make it!

In the pictures above (with the exception of the pic of our sheep) you will see the first panel in the “calendar”. We have three windows by our table, so I wanted a part of the calendar to hang over each window. Each part of the calendar will represent seven days (December 1 through the 21). The first scene is night time with a crescent moon, the second will be just before dawn with a tree with owlets (see my inspiration from Green Kitchen blog) and the third scene will the rising sun. I’m just starting on the second scene, so this calendar will be ready for next December!  Still not sure what I will use to count down the days….suggestions?

I am very grateful for the inspiration from these two wonderful blogs: The Crafty Crow and Green Kitchen. Thank you! Thanks also to my daughters who have been letting their mama sew during the day- I’ll get you a snack soon!


6 Responses to “Winter Solstice Advent Calendar”

  1. jumbleberryjam Says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished panels. What about counting down with snowflakes?

  2. Michelle Says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to see your vision.

  3. Rachel Says:

    What a beautiful idea. I also can’t wait to see the finished panels!

  4. clutterlibrarian Says:

    Thank you all for the nice comments! Hmmm, snowflakes…I like it! It’s kind of funny how my calander has little to do about numbers and more to do with the change of the season in those 21-25 days.

    I layed out the second panel and am liking it. Hope to post a picture soon. 🙂

  5. Heather Says:

    OMG! That is amazing. I am now finally catching up… I love how your blog is looking with the snow flakes.
    Very excited to see how your advent calendar turns out. 🙂

  6. clutterlibrarian Says:

    The snow flakes are fun- and it has snowed here for real! Kind of rare for us, so we are all enjoying it. You must have tons of snow!

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