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Winter Wonderland Part 2 December 16, 2008

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It is cold here- 27 for the high and 17 for the low- which may seem warm compared to other parts of the country, but it is unusually cold for us here in our part of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had the usual fun: sledding, snow angels and hot chocolate. We have had the usual non-fun: frozen pipes, no water, struggling with tire chains and cars slipping and sliding through intersections. I grew up in Pennsylvania, so it is hard for me to except that even after two days, the road here are not plowed and salted. Shrug- we’re just not set up for this weather. Well, we have water now and the girls and I are making an effort not to get too much on each other nerves. It looks like we are in for more snow and cold weather- perhaps even through Christmas. I think I need a pumpkin pie.

I am so happy to know the chickens are safe and warm. Here is the Poulet Chalet:


Tommy’s first experience with snow- surprised but fascinated. He looks like a little snow leopard:


Yesterday morning as the girls and I were sledding, a large murder of crows flew over. They were silent as they flew in the cold air- very lovely.



4 Responses to “Winter Wonderland Part 2”

  1. jumbleberryjam Says:

    What a cute chalet for your chooks. And Tommy is gorgeous :-). I will miss the snow when we move back to the Pacific Northwest next summer (unless you save some for me ;-). Enjoy!

  2. greenlee Says:

    Cute!!! Can I move in with them?

  3. clutterlibrarian Says:

    Yes, but only if you wear a cute Nordic ski outfit! 😀

  4. Heather Says:

    the coop is awesome. when we get our own place i am getting some girls again. i miss my hens. i think we might use that design. very nice.


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