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Ode to my Swandri December 20, 2008

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25637150As the unusual -for- us snowy weather continues, I am wearing my Swandri everyday as I make my many trips outside to feed the animals, get the mail and play in the snow. This  Swandri is most like mine (but mine has a zipper which I like better than a pullover) which I bought in 1999 when my hubby and I were in New Zealand. The exchange rate was wicked good then, so we bought some serious woolies. Mostly, it is too hot for me to wear here in our temperate slice of the Pacific Northwest, but recently it’s been just what the sheep ordered. It has great pockets and -the best thing- it reaches down to the middle of my thighs so no icy wind or snow up the back!

Snowing all morning here.  I feel asleep putting the kiddos to bed and slept happily for ten hours! Hubby asked if I was going for a jog this morning which seemed crazy. However, it was wonderful! The snow made the road not too slippery- everything was so lovely- and it felt fantastic after nearly a week without a jog.

I think it is now time to do some baking:

Santa Lucia Buns


I doubt we will be going the the parties we were invited tonight. I think I better chill a bottle of bubbles and let the kids open the Monopoly game.



2 Responses to “Ode to my Swandri”

  1. Heather Says:

    OOOH I am jealous of the Swandri. I have never heard of this before… being from Arizona one doesn’t need those kinds of clothings. Now that I am in Maine… that looks yummy!
    It has been snowing here for 12 hours. LOL the wind is wild and it is just COLD outside, but it is good.
    DH was out shoveling the drive way and looked mighty good in his winter gear (leather jacket, boots, wool hat… and sporting a beard.) 🙂


  2. clutterlibrarian Says:

    Heather~ In Maine you need a Swandri more than me! Guess you’ll just have to take a trip to New Zealand! Till then L L Bean will just have to do! Stay warm!

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