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Music for the new year January 13, 2009

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Ahhh, back to the normal rain. I really think I was meant to live here. I don’t mind the rain and the grey clouds and the fog. Our house, in it’s hallow like the back of the earth’s knee, is often blanketed in fog. I think of this as my rest time behind the misty veil (romantic enough for you?).

So, I’ve been reading and being lazy. Yes, I’ve continued reading the Twilight series- quite happily (I thought Eclipse was quite fun) until I began Breaking Dawn and her plot twist totally turned me off. So- I put aside that book and started another (The Sacred Book of the Werewolf by Victor Pelevin). My husband always wonders how I can just leave off a book- shut and toss it aside without finishing it. As I always tell him, life is short and there are many, many books to read!

Running has been my only non-lazy activity. I’ve been loving some new music while I run: The Crane Wife by the Decemberists and Andorra by Caribou.  It is a goal of mine to bring more music into my life- to cultivate that elation that a good song can bring to your heart and soul. I will listen to more music this year. I will sing more this year. I will dance more. I will invite people to our home to play music and sing under the full moon! (For more on music and the effects of the body and mind, see here and here.)