Hope Springs Eternal

green leaf perfection May 13, 2009

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May2009 013


Sunny Friday May 9, 2009

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April2009 057

I was just sitting out side reading or relishing the silence as I looked down at the creek and the animals (ah, they are so much more quiet that children). I had a good book and a glass of wine- golden and delicious. I think- this is heaven. This is bliss. The boisterous dogwoods, the Mourning Doves calling, our handsome cat sitting with paws folded/eyes closes/ears on alert and the sheep with their natty dreads are all thrilling gifts to me on this sunny Friday afternoon.¬† Why can’t I stay in this moment of bliss?

April2009 215We went to the coast this past weekend and holy cow the sun came out! Somehow the power of the ocean was subdued for me- maybe because so many people were with us. When it is just me and my girls, I can just feel the ocean- be open to it. It was a good, quick visit. A good rest before the days of rain and sick kiddo. All is well. Life is right here- enjoy!

I planted beans, sunflowers, nasturtiums, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers today! Cross your fingers for me. Is this a recession garden? I think it is. Devoting about twice as much space to veggies this year, but not just because there is a recession. There are other reasons: one, I have the energy to do it (thank you, sleep gods) and two, the new foundation on the barn has given me a new gardening spot. Just that nature abhores vacuum, I abhore an empty gardening spot. I must plant.

Happy gardening all.


Rain now, sun soon… May 4, 2009

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It’s dark and rainy here, which should not seem that odd to me, but we have had a taste of Spring and sun and it is hard to go back. I am thinking wistfully of the veggies I could not plant today and of the run I could not take today- like Spring used to bring wistful thoughts of loves that were no more- of kisses shared and lost before the season could change.

april2009-064We had some sun and all were leaping around like little lambs. Everything is growing so fast and the flowers are opening in wild abandon. Now is the time. The daffodils have treated us to there Spring time beauty and now we are greeting by the cheerful tulips and the sweetly sexy lilacs. The sides of the streets are lined with pink cheery blossom flowers- decadent confetti of a spring time parade.

april2009-073The peas and greens are growing well. The buttercrisp lettuce is almost too pretty to eat! I have decided to grow a lot more veggies this year. I have about twice as much veggie area ready and waiting which is very exciting.

april2009-140Across the creek the Dogwoods are blooming so lovely¬† (where there that many last year?). On sunny, peaceful moments it’s a treat to stand down on our dock and look out on the water. A big raptor of some sort (I still have not got a good look of it) has nested in one of the neighbors big fir trees. One evening my hubby and oldest daughter went for a row and brought me back a Dogwood branch- so lovely.

april2009-226May Spring bring you the growth you have been waiting all winter for.