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Sunny Friday May 9, 2009

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April2009 057

I was just sitting out side reading or relishing the silence as I looked down at the creek and the animals (ah, they are so much more quiet that children). I had a good book and a glass of wine- golden and delicious. I think- this is heaven. This is bliss. The boisterous dogwoods, the Mourning Doves calling, our handsome cat sitting with paws folded/eyes closes/ears on alert and the sheep with their natty dreads are all thrilling gifts to me on this sunny Friday afternoon.  Why can’t I stay in this moment of bliss?

April2009 215We went to the coast this past weekend and holy cow the sun came out! Somehow the power of the ocean was subdued for me- maybe because so many people were with us. When it is just me and my girls, I can just feel the ocean- be open to it. It was a good, quick visit. A good rest before the days of rain and sick kiddo. All is well. Life is right here- enjoy!

I planted beans, sunflowers, nasturtiums, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers today! Cross your fingers for me. Is this a recession garden? I think it is. Devoting about twice as much space to veggies this year, but not just because there is a recession. There are other reasons: one, I have the energy to do it (thank you, sleep gods) and two, the new foundation on the barn has given me a new gardening spot. Just that nature abhores vacuum, I abhore an empty gardening spot. I must plant.

Happy gardening all.


3 Responses to “Sunny Friday”

  1. jumbleberryjam Says:

    I was in the library the other day and thought of you…my age-old longing to work among the books came back once again. I gave up on library school in 1997 (when I applied and was turned down), and have now been accepted to grad school in Geography (UW). Not sure my heart’s in it…it’s bliss I want and really, only books do it for me (ok, that the the PNW forests. Oh, and red wine & chocolate ;-). So glad you’re enjoying the Spring.

  2. clutterlibrarian Says:

    It’s never too late! You are moving to Seattle, right? The Information School at the U of W is wonderful! You never know…Best of luck to you- this transition may be difficult but it will work out well!

  3. Heather Says:

    oh a garden. we had to wait this year to get a feel for the land, and watch for how the sun moves across the land. I do miss it though. We bought a house in brunswick which has an extra lot. so much space, and trees and green. i for got that there are so many shades of green.

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