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Summer here, Summer there… June 16, 2009

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June2009 081Summer is here, all signs point to it: the growth of tomato plants, the songs of Mourning Doves and Swainson’s Thurshes, rose petals on the path and the children home all day. In preperation for some trips coming up, I find myself waking in the middle of the night, my head and heart full of anxiety. Man, I don’t take change easily. I feel foolish about it, like I’m a little hot-house flower.

Breath. Jog. Breath. Enjoy the show.

It’s Campanula time in the garden. There are several kinds in the garden and I love their varity and cheer. Other names for Campanulas include Harebell and Blue Bells of Scotland.My younger daughter loves the Flower Fairy poems of Cicely Mary Barker. We read some before bed almost every night. “Do we have this fairy in our garden?” she askes me. Or happily she will cry, “We have this one in our garden!”

June2009 083

The Song of
the Harebell Fairy

by Cicely Mary Barker

O bells, on stems so thin and fine!
No human ear
Your sound can hear,
O lightly chiming bells of mine!

When dim and dewy twilight falls,
Then comes the time
When harebells chime
For fairy feasts and fairy balls.

They tinkle while the fairies play,
With dance and song,
The whole night long,
Till daybreak wakens, cold and grey,
And elfin music fades away.


3 Responses to “Summer here, Summer there…”

  1. Heather Says:

    oh be still my heart. such loveliness! and the poem… most perfect!

  2. jumbleberryjam Says:

    I’ve never been to happy to see summer as I am now. It’s just magical in the PNW!! 🙂

    Any chance your travels will take you North?

  3. clutterlibrarian Says:

    Thanks, Heather!

    Hey, JBJ~ I join you in the total love of the PNW. You are showing your love so beautifully on your blog. Travels north? Well, no plans of now, but I’ll let you know if anything comes up. 🙂


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