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Back to the home of my heart. July 20, 2009

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We’re home. After a week on a really fun river rafting trip (which was great fun and totally beautiful) :

RogueJune09 030

and then the girls and I went back east (way back east) to visit my sisters and my parents. It was great to see them all and my daughters had a fantastic time. For me, it is always complex and a bit difficult. I love my home- I belong here- and it is always hard for me to be back where I grew up. I don’t really understand it because my family is loving and kind. It’s as if I can not really be myself there.

This year was the first time I have ever run while at my parent’s house. It was great! I found a perfect road and went almost everyday. One day was so humid I felt like I was running through hot water. But the little country road was soothing and the ancient rocks and the rich green and the beautiful 1880s barn were like old friends to me. The last run I took before we left a man who lived on the road stopped me and recommended I carry mace as there was a mother Black bear and two cubs in the area (they had been in the tree in his front yard the prior week). I finished my run- maybe a bit faster. 🙂

Now, home. In my garden. I am so happy there. There is much to be trimmed and tied up. The peas and spring greens need to be removed and the bed prepared for fall planting. One bed of garlic is ready to be harvested. The beans are producing yummy fruit. There are lots of green tomatoes- we’ll see if they ever ripen…

July2009 013

ornamental Oregano and red poppy

July2009 012

yarrow up close

July2009 006

lots of Nasturtiums in the garden this year

July2009 005

Happy high summer to you all!


Meet Ginger February 10, 2008

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She is my first softie made from the Aranzi Aronzo book Cute Dolls. As usual, I seem incapable of following directions. Well, I didn’t want to buy fabric (feeling good ex-Catholic guilt for all those years of buying fabric and doing nothing with it)- so I used wool felt instead of cotton jersey as recommended.
Mostly, I think she looks sweet and it came together pretty well. I am most happy with her dress- I have had the cherry blossom fabric and vintage ribbon for years! She went to her new home Friday night with her cheerful 9 month old new friend. Hope she doesn’t fall apart.

Satisfaction rating: 85%

Did she like it? Well, she put it right into her mouth, so I think that is a good sign. 😉