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Fire and Snow December 22, 2008

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As we continue to get more snow (and I’ll admit that I’m starting to think that enough is enough)- I am very grateful for being warm and having plently of food and not needing to travel out onto the dangerous roads.


We had a nice Winter Solstice. We made Santa Lucia buns on Saturday and our oldest daughter brought them to us on Sunday morning. We had a yummy dinner: pasta with chanterelle mushrooms (collected pre-snow by hubby) and meatballs in a cream sauce. After dinner, we went out and dug out the fire pit. Fire light on the snow is enchanting. I was asleep by 9:30- a fox in her den.




Soon it will be Solstice December 19, 2008

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december2008-0061Just three days away from the Winter Solstice and I am feeling kind of emotional about it all. Luckily, the emotions are good- I’m pushing aside all worries about being ready or doing the right things at the right time. Here we are watching snowflakes and baking cookies. Here we are remembering our loved ones that left us this year- and sending love to those who are dealing with the pain of lose. Here we are being generous with ourselves. Here we are looking at the winter sky- realizing how long and dark the winter can seem. He were are remembering summer fruits and the feel of warm sand on our toes.

Cookies made yesterday in between snow outings:

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Good old Oatmeal Rasin Cookies

Good news:

Happiness goes a long way

Fuel from coffee grounds?

Love this blog!!!:

Creative Kismet

Seasonal pics from our home:



Winter Wonderland Part 2 December 16, 2008

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It is cold here- 27 for the high and 17 for the low- which may seem warm compared to other parts of the country, but it is unusually cold for us here in our part of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had the usual fun: sledding, snow angels and hot chocolate. We have had the usual non-fun: frozen pipes, no water, struggling with tire chains and cars slipping and sliding through intersections. I grew up in Pennsylvania, so it is hard for me to except that even after two days, the road here are not plowed and salted. Shrug- we’re just not set up for this weather. Well, we have water now and the girls and I are making an effort not to get too much on each other nerves. It looks like we are in for more snow and cold weather- perhaps even through Christmas. I think I need a pumpkin pie.

I am so happy to know the chickens are safe and warm. Here is the Poulet Chalet:


Tommy’s first experience with snow- surprised but fascinated. He looks like a little snow leopard:


Yesterday morning as the girls and I were sledding, a large murder of crows flew over. They were silent as they flew in the cold air- very lovely.



Snow December 15, 2008

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Snow day! No school! No work! Break out the sleds and hot chocolate!

The chickens are snug in their new Poulet Chalet! I love it- pictures soon!


Snow for Spring Break March 30, 2008

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We needed a road trip during the girl’s spring break. The weather was not looking favorable for a trip to the beach, so we headed up to the mountains. Man oh man, did it snow! And, then it snowed some more. I hope we make it more of a habit to visit the mountains during the snowy months.
Just had to share the little frog I made last week (or was it two weeks ago?) for a friend’s birthday. I thought she turned out well.

Oh- and here is the mega egg that our Aracana chicken Isis laid. You go girl! It had two yolks and my older daughter made her first solo scrambled eggs with it. 🙂