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let’s catch up… September 11, 2009

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I think I am a foul weather crafter (and blogger). Most of the Spring and all of the Summer, I had no desire to be crafty (or bloggy). But, as the summer comes to a close and the rose hips start to turn orange, I find myself reading craft blogs (current favorites: Angry Chicken and A Print a Day ) and lining up projects. It also helps the girls have headed back to school this week. While they were home, there was just no time to do things that require quiet and concentration.

We had a fantastic summer. Honestly- super. In previous summers- for various reasons- I think I went a little wacky and became desperate for some alone time. That didn’t happen this summer and the girls and I had some serious fun, mostly at the beach.


One reason my mental balance was more on this summer was that I managed to keep up with my running. I was able to do some trail running, too which I found I loved. One particular trail- it was amazing to run through the coast forest which in some places became quite dense and almost repressive and then burst out into the open with a take-your-breath-away view of the ocean.

The garden did really well this year. We had a fairly hot summer, so we have lots of tomatoes. This has never happened before, so I am enjoying it. I planted a lot of nasturtiums this year and I will now plant them every year! One, they are so pretty, smell wonderful and make cute, vibrant bouquets. And, two, they acted as a natural “trap” for the flea beetles. It seems that flea beetles would rather eat nasturtiums than anything, so they left our pole beans alone. While they did make the nasturiums look ragged for a while, they did not kill them and the nasturiums bounced back nicely.

Every since the switch to digital tv, we have essentially been without tv. Although we have a compatible tv and a big old antenna on the barn roof, we get basically no channels (none if you do not count the Christian channels). This sucks. Hubby and I decided long ago that we would not go the cable route and it really twists my knickers to think the only way I can watch tv is to pay for it! That’s just wrong! So now, Netflix is saving our ass.

Reading- lots of reading going on around here all summer! I recently finished Philippa Gregory’s new book The White Queen which I enjoyed back not as much as some of her others. A co-worker recommended that I read The Chamomile Lawn by Mary Wesley and it was great! I love her voice which is sharp and sexy and modern. Currently, I have three books out of the library( Snobs by Julian Fellows, The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields and A Sensible Life by Mary Wesley) and I am casually dating them to see which ones I am going to get serious about. Heck, I might just read all of them. I don’t buy books very often but I just had to buy Amanda Blake Soule’s Handmade Home- it’s wonderful!

Ciao for now!


Goodbye to Summer August 30, 2009

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“Summer arrives with a length of lights
Summer blows away
And quietly gets swallowed by a wave
It gets swallowed by a wave”

~Summersong by the Decemberists


Summer here, Summer there… June 16, 2009

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June2009 081Summer is here, all signs point to it: the growth of tomato plants, the songs of Mourning Doves and Swainson’s Thurshes, rose petals on the path and the children home all day. In preperation for some trips coming up, I find myself waking in the middle of the night, my head and heart full of anxiety. Man, I don’t take change easily. I feel foolish about it, like I’m a little hot-house flower.

Breath. Jog. Breath. Enjoy the show.

It’s Campanula time in the garden. There are several kinds in the garden and I love their varity and cheer. Other names for Campanulas include Harebell and Blue Bells of Scotland.My younger daughter loves the Flower Fairy poems of Cicely Mary Barker. We read some before bed almost every night. “Do we have this fairy in our garden?” she askes me. Or happily she will cry, “We have this one in our garden!”

June2009 083

The Song of
the Harebell Fairy

by Cicely Mary Barker

O bells, on stems so thin and fine!
No human ear
Your sound can hear,
O lightly chiming bells of mine!

When dim and dewy twilight falls,
Then comes the time
When harebells chime
For fairy feasts and fairy balls.

They tinkle while the fairies play,
With dance and song,
The whole night long,
Till daybreak wakens, cold and grey,
And elfin music fades away.


Little birds… June 6, 2009

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June2009 011

little birds, my sweets…

June2009 022


green leaf perfection May 13, 2009

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May2009 013


Sunny Friday May 9, 2009

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April2009 057

I was just sitting out side reading or relishing the silence as I looked down at the creek and the animals (ah, they are so much more quiet that children). I had a good book and a glass of wine- golden and delicious. I think- this is heaven. This is bliss. The boisterous dogwoods, the Mourning Doves calling, our handsome cat sitting with paws folded/eyes closes/ears on alert and the sheep with their natty dreads are all thrilling gifts to me on this sunny Friday afternoon.¬† Why can’t I stay in this moment of bliss?

April2009 215We went to the coast this past weekend and holy cow the sun came out! Somehow the power of the ocean was subdued for me- maybe because so many people were with us. When it is just me and my girls, I can just feel the ocean- be open to it. It was a good, quick visit. A good rest before the days of rain and sick kiddo. All is well. Life is right here- enjoy!

I planted beans, sunflowers, nasturtiums, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers today! Cross your fingers for me. Is this a recession garden? I think it is. Devoting about twice as much space to veggies this year, but not just because there is a recession. There are other reasons: one, I have the energy to do it (thank you, sleep gods) and two, the new foundation on the barn has given me a new gardening spot. Just that nature abhores vacuum, I abhore an empty gardening spot. I must plant.

Happy gardening all.


Rain now, sun soon… May 4, 2009

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It’s dark and rainy here, which should not seem that odd to me, but we have had a taste of Spring and sun and it is hard to go back. I am thinking wistfully of the veggies I could not plant today and of the run I could not take today- like Spring used to bring wistful thoughts of loves that were no more- of kisses shared and lost before the season could change.

april2009-064We had some sun and all were leaping around like little lambs. Everything is growing so fast and the flowers are opening in wild abandon. Now is the time. The daffodils have treated us to there Spring time beauty and now we are greeting by the cheerful tulips and the sweetly sexy lilacs. The sides of the streets are lined with pink cheery blossom flowers- decadent confetti of a spring time parade.

april2009-073The peas and greens are growing well. The buttercrisp lettuce is almost too pretty to eat! I have decided to grow a lot more veggies this year. I have about twice as much veggie area ready and waiting which is very exciting.

april2009-140Across the creek the Dogwoods are blooming so lovely¬† (where there that many last year?). On sunny, peaceful moments it’s a treat to stand down on our dock and look out on the water. A big raptor of some sort (I still have not got a good look of it) has nested in one of the neighbors big fir trees. One evening my hubby and oldest daughter went for a row and brought me back a Dogwood branch- so lovely.

april2009-226May Spring bring you the growth you have been waiting all winter for.