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Fire and Snow December 22, 2008

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As we continue to get more snow (and I’ll admit that I’m starting to think that enough is enough)- I am very grateful for being warm and having plently of food and not needing to travel out onto the dangerous roads.


We had a nice Winter Solstice. We made Santa Lucia buns on Saturday and our oldest daughter brought them to us on Sunday morning. We had a yummy dinner: pasta with chanterelle mushrooms (collected pre-snow by hubby) and meatballs in a cream sauce. After dinner, we went out and dug out the fire pit. Fire light on the snow is enchanting. I was asleep by 9:30- a fox in her den.




Ode to my Swandri December 20, 2008

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25637150As the unusual -for- us snowy weather continues, I am wearing my Swandri everyday as I make my many trips outside to feed the animals, get the mail and play in the snow. This  Swandri is most like mine (but mine has a zipper which I like better than a pullover) which I bought in 1999 when my hubby and I were in New Zealand. The exchange rate was wicked good then, so we bought some serious woolies. Mostly, it is too hot for me to wear here in our temperate slice of the Pacific Northwest, but recently it’s been just what the sheep ordered. It has great pockets and -the best thing- it reaches down to the middle of my thighs so no icy wind or snow up the back!

Snowing all morning here.  I feel asleep putting the kiddos to bed and slept happily for ten hours! Hubby asked if I was going for a jog this morning which seemed crazy. However, it was wonderful! The snow made the road not too slippery- everything was so lovely- and it felt fantastic after nearly a week without a jog.

I think it is now time to do some baking:

Santa Lucia Buns


I doubt we will be going the the parties we were invited tonight. I think I better chill a bottle of bubbles and let the kids open the Monopoly game.



Soon it will be Solstice December 19, 2008

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december2008-0061Just three days away from the Winter Solstice and I am feeling kind of emotional about it all. Luckily, the emotions are good- I’m pushing aside all worries about being ready or doing the right things at the right time. Here we are watching snowflakes and baking cookies. Here we are remembering our loved ones that left us this year- and sending love to those who are dealing with the pain of lose. Here we are being generous with ourselves. Here we are looking at the winter sky- realizing how long and dark the winter can seem. He were are remembering summer fruits and the feel of warm sand on our toes.

Cookies made yesterday in between snow outings:

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Good old Oatmeal Rasin Cookies

Good news:

Happiness goes a long way

Fuel from coffee grounds?

Love this blog!!!:

Creative Kismet

Seasonal pics from our home:



Winter Solstice Advent Calendar Part 2 December 6, 2008

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Here is the second panel of my Winter Solstice Advent Calendar triptych which is to represent December 8th through the 15th. The batik fabric is just what I wanted for the sky- to show the colors and darkness that come just before the dawn.


Here is a close up of the oak tree and what will be two owls within the tree. Again, I want to say that I totally stole was great inspired by Green Kitchen. I did not do nearly as well at sewing my tree as she did. For the owls, I am using some cashmere wool from our goat Lucy. I will put some eyes on them somehow.

And, just had to add, if you are looking for books to read and crafts to do with your kiddos, the Crafty Crow has wonderful ideas!


Winter Solstice Advent Calendar December 5, 2008

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Getting into the holiday spirit here- decorations are being hung with care, the girls and I made some gingerbread cookies and I had an inspiration about the Winter Solstice advent calendar I’ve been wanting. If you can’t buy something, then I guess I have to make it!

In the pictures above (with the exception of the pic of our sheep) you will see the first panel in the “calendar”. We have three windows by our table, so I wanted a part of the calendar to hang over each window. Each part of the calendar will represent seven days (December 1 through the 21). The first scene is night time with a crescent moon, the second will be just before dawn with a tree with owlets (see my inspiration from Green Kitchen blog) and the third scene will the rising sun. I’m just starting on the second scene, so this calendar will be ready for next December!  Still not sure what I will use to count down the days….suggestions?

I am very grateful for the inspiration from these two wonderful blogs: The Crafty Crow and Green Kitchen. Thank you! Thanks also to my daughters who have been letting their mama sew during the day- I’ll get you a snack soon!