Hope Springs Eternal

Fool May 14, 2008

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The fantastic weeks of May slip by with me caught up in a web-
a web of lead that sits upon my chest.
The web fogs my vision, but through the fabric I can see it is beautiful all around me.

It’s all folly, the lilacs seem to say to me
and I know it.
Their sweet scent brings me back to the clear
and I know I can do what needs to be done.

You are a fool, the Saskatoon says to me,
so much more harsh- honest?-than her sister Lilac.
What makes you think any of it matters?
I will grow, flower and set my berries while you fitter away your hours.
The Lilac lays a gentle, cool hand on my head.

May Day May 3, 2008

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Welcome, May! May arrived with warmer weather and gentle breezes. The day was lovely. The high point for me was having lunch on the dock by the water- writing and reading and listening to the birds. Heavenly. Later, the girls and I put the new prayer flags on our special Maple tree. They look so bright and festive.
Here are some lovely violets that are growing in the woods by the Maple Tree.
I just love the collection of river pebbles that hubby brought back from his kayaking/rafting trip. So many different colors! They seem to tell a wonderful story- I can almost understand them.
A pretty, glittering beetle we found a week or so ago. It is a Golden Buprestid, Buprestis aurulenta which is a wood eater that can live up to 60 years in lumber!

Happy May to you all!